Harmit Malik visit

The Rusan Lab hosted Harmit Malik yesterday (4/6/2017). His ‘Evolutionary Cell Biology’ approach to studying centromeres, meiosis, and hybrid incomparability is fascinating.

Fly Meeting 2017

The Rusan lab was well represented at fly meeting with talks from Todd Schoborg about Microcephaly and Jacob Ortega about Basal Bodies.

New Postdocs

Part of the big 2016-2017 Rusan lab turnover is the addition of two new postdocs. We welcome Ryan  O’Neill and Ramya Varadarajan.

Dr. Karen Plevock

Congratulations to my first (and only) graduate student Karen Plevock for successfully defending her thesis on 9/16/2016.  She did an amazing job.

Centrosome Interactome

Brian published his work on the centrosome interactome in Nature Communications.  This work was a huge inter- and intra-lab collaboration.

Asterless – Long Centriole

Congratulations to Brian Galletta on publishing his paper on the roles of Asterless beyond centriole duplication in the JCB.


Duke Visit

Nasser presented a seminar entitled “Using embryos and stem cells to unlock centrosome secrets”.  This seminar was part of the joint undergraduate and graduate student Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Colloquium, which has been running since 1990. Thanks to David Sherwood, David McClay and Don Fox for the invitation

Glover Visit

The Rusan lab hosted Dr. David Glover this past week as part of the NHLBI Tenure-Track seminar series.

Jeremy’s ER paper

Jeremy’s paper on ER dynamics in flies is now out in OpenBiology.  This paper shows for the first time that the ER is partitioned asymmetrically in Stem Cells.  It also directly tests the role of centrosomes and astral microtubules in ER segregation, a model that has been proposed for a long time, but never tested.

Pericentrin-Centrosomin network

Keep an eye out for Dorothy’s latest paper coming out in JCB on the role of Pericentrin in regulating Centrosomin in embryos.

Two new Plk4 papers

The Rogers and Rusan labs have collaborated on two new studies on the regulation of Plk4. Keep and eye out for them in PNAS and JCB soon.

2014 ASCB meeting

The Rusan lab will be presenting 4 posters (all unpublished data) at the 2014 ASCB meeting in Philadelphia. Dorothy Lerit will also be presenting our first E-poster.

EMBO centrosome meeting

Two people will be representing the Rusan lab at the EMBO centrosome meeting in Portugal. Brian Galletta will give a talk on the role of Asl and Cep97 in male germline stem cels, while Dorothy Lerit will present a poster on the role of PLP in early development.